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County Resources
San Mateo County

  • Adult Protective Services (800) 675-8437
  • Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (650) 627-9359
  • Ombudsman Services (650) 349-7008

Santa Clara County

  • Adult Protective Services (408) 975-4900
  • Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (408) 296-8290
  • Ombudsman Services (408) 944-0567

General Resources

Other Potentially Useful Resources

  • www.homesafety.net Homesafety Inc. for your home safety assessment needs, and equipment to improve the safety and comfort of older adults.
  • www.elderconsult.com Dr. Landsverk is an M.D. Geriatrician knowledgeable about Dementia and agitation.
  • www.seniorseasons.com SeniorSeasons helps with transitions from home to residential care facilities.

Ask Patricia...

  • Email or call Patricia with your questions: 650-218-5234How can I keep my elder safe at home? How do we get safety equipment installed?
  • What legal paperwork do I need in place?
  • Do I have the correct supplemental insurance?
  • What does an Ombudsman do and when do I need to consult one?
  • Where can I find respite care for my elder?